An Easy Way To Make Homemade Edibles Using A Little Bit Of Bud

A quick search engine query about how to make homemade edibles is sure to produce a number of results. The majority of those recipes, however, are most likely going to require that you make or purchase your own cannabis-infused cooking fat (e.g. butter or oils) in order to produce the desired dish.

But what if we told you there’s a way to produce edibles in your own kitchen without having to mess with making an infused oil or butter?

Well, thanks to our fellow tokers-of-the-trees over at Vice (and several other video tutorials on YouTube), there’s an easy, foolproof way to create homemade dank-infused treats called Firecrackers that are sure to not only please the palate but leave your head feeling satisfyingly high as well.

So, let’s get baked!