Folks that prefer Sativa dominant strains of cannabis do so for a multitude of different reasons.

Some like the fact that Sativa strains have the ability to spark creativity and inventiveness, while others enjoy them for their medicinal benefits, such as appetite stimulation and mood elevation.

So we thought we would put together a list of our staff’s six favorite Sativa strains to share with our fellow tokers of the trees.

We hope you enjoy it! Just try not to drool on the screen. 😉

Golden Goat

This strain is a Sativa-dominant that was created by crossing Island Sweet Skunk x Hawaiian Haze x Romulan. It has a sweet candy taste and offers up an uplifting, clear-headed high that’s perfect for daytime tokers with shit to do.

golden goat
An image of the Sativa strain Golden Goat. Photo credit: @comingoutgreen on Pinterest