3 Guidelines For Safer Ganja Growing

Growing your own supply of cannabis is an amazing experience that has several obvious rewards. However, failing to take certain precautions when cultivating your own stash could turn those gifts from your garden into a loss of your personal freedom.

So we thought we would put together a list of guidelines to follow for those of you that are newbie gardeners in order to help keep you safer when growing your own kind bud.

Keep Your Secret Garden A Secret

We know this seems fairly obvious to most folks, but, as it turns out, the top reason people gardening their own ganja get popped by Johnny Law is because they friggin tell other peops about their pot patch.

medical cannabis garden
An image of an indoor licensed medical cannabis garden.

We get it. You want to brag to your circle of friends about how the joint you just smoked with them actually came from your very own garden, right? Wrong! Doing so would increase your chances of getting caught by about a million percent because you just never know who you can really trust. Especially when it comes to something that carries such serious consequences as this does, so do yourself a solid and keep your secret garden just that, a secret. Mum’s the word when it comes to your homegrown marijuana. Ya dig?

Keep Your Secret Garden’s Odor Under Control

Making sure your garden’s odors don’t end up in a nosey stranger’s nasal passages is just as important as keeping your private grow private. Dank weed on the grow is at its dankest during the last few weeks of the flowering cycle, so ensuring that pungent aroma doesn’t escape your garden room(s) is crucial to keeping your grow on the down low.

medical weed
An image of medical cannabis growing in a licensed indoor garden.

It only takes one mailman, or UPS delivery guy whose own supply is dry and likes to cry about it, or a Jehovah’s witness, or whoever to get one whiff of the good good for things to break bad bad, so do your best to control the stank of your dank.

Keeping Your Secret Garden Scaled-Down

It seems that most new gardeners want to grow as many plants as they possibly can at one time, which is completely understandable. And who wouldn’t want a monster-sized harvest their first time out? However, keeping the size of your garden to a reduced scale will not only make it less of a challenge when trying to keep your garden’s odors under control, it will also help keep your utility bills lower.

medical pot
An image of a small plot of medical pot growing in a licensed indoor garden.

Smaller grow spaces are easier to manage as well, which makes it simpler for those that are just learning how to cultivate cannabis successfully. And don’t let the small size of your grow space get you down in terms of feeling limited because there are several techniques you can utilize in order to maximize your crop’s yield regardless of its dimensions.

So, be sure to keep your secret garden private, keep the dankness down to a minimum, and keep it compact for safety purposes.

Grow safe, growers! 🙂

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Neo has been writing for the cannabis industry since 2008 and is an active gardener with two sticky, green thumbs. He would love to see the prohibition of cannabis brought to a close, and is doing his best to make it a reality by staying involved on a grass roots level. When it comes to partaking in a puff or two of the sticky stuff, Neo is partial to just about anything Indica, especially OGs.