Cannabis Seed Germination Made Simple

After having grown my own crops of cannabis, and loving it, I would just assume that everyone wants to grow their own supply of sticky stuff, right? Well, maybe not everyone.

However, those of you that may have an interest in cultivating your own kind bud will probably start from seed. And if that’s the case, then you need to know how to pop those magic beans successfully so they can sprout into little seedlings and grow up to be big weed plants loaded down with dankness.

So we thought we would list a simple and effective process that will help bring your cannabis seeds to life and get your ganja garden growing.

Let ‘Em Soak

After thoroughly washing and drying your hands, place the desired number of cannabis seeds you would like to germinate in a small, clean glass that’s been partially filled (½ to ¾) with either plain distilled water or plain filtered water.

Some cannabis seeds may sink to the bottom of the glass right away, while others may take several hours (up to 24) to sink to the bottom. However, refrain from allowing the cannabis seeds to soak for over 24 hours due to the possibility of oxygen deprivation and the onset of rot.soaking seeds WT

After soaking the cannabis seeds for 24 hours you may notice the embryo’s white taproot starting to push its way out of the outer shell of the seed, which is a great indicator that your beans are viable. It’s been found that most cannabis seeds that do not sink to the bottom of the glass after soaking for 24 hours end up being duds that will not germinate. But you can still move them to the next stage of the germination process just to see if they might pop into seedlings.

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Neo has been writing for the cannabis industry since 2008 and is an active gardener with two sticky, green thumbs. He would love to see the prohibition of cannabis brought to a close, and is doing his best to make it a reality by staying involved on a grass roots level. When it comes to partaking in a puff or two of the sticky stuff, Neo is partial to just about anything Indica, especially OGs.