The High Points of Lemon Kush

Lemon Kush was made possible via crossing the powerful strain Master Kush with the tasty Lemon Joy variety of cannabis.

Bag Appeal

This strain provides incredible bag appeal due to its sweet, lemony aroma that smells like you’re walking through an orchard filled with citrus trees ready for the harvest. And the buds are thick, dense, and covered in sticky, sugary goodness.

lemon kush
Lemon Kush

Buzz Factor

This Indica-dominant hybrid delivers a nice buzz that leaves you feeling relaxed and mellow but not to the point that you feel as if you’re too high to perform your daily functions, which makes it a great strain for daytime use. If you’re a fan of kush, you’ll dig this strain. THC ratio: 13-21%. Type: Hybrid. Lineage: Master Kush x Lemon Joy (also varies depending on the seed breeder.)

Medicinal Advantages

Lemon Kush is reported to offer a host of medical benefits that include, but are surely not limited to:

Cultivation Breakdown

This strain is said to produce medium-sized bushy plants when topped at an early stage (week 4) during the vegetation cycle. Lemon Kush is resistant to mold and powdery mildew thanks to its Indica-strong parent, Master Kush. Those growing this strain indoors can expect to harvest at around the 60-day mark after initiating the flowering cycle.