Have you been looking for a way to conserve your herb without having to sacrifice being nice and stoned after a sesh? Then look no further, friends, because the Next Gen Vapor Tower dry herb vaporizer from the Vapor Store is the perfect solution for your pot-saving predicament.

How The Vapor Tower Hits

We powered up the Tower and adjusted the heat setting to number 5 on the dial to start with, which we’ve found to be the perfect heat setting for achieving nice vapor clouds without combusting your herb. We gave a bud that weighed 0.5 grams a quick spin in our grinder before loading the ground material into the unit’s super-efficient two-screen vapor wand.

We placed the vapor wand on the heater core, let it heat up for a few seconds and then began taking short draws in order to start the flow of vaporized herb. Once the vapor started flowing, we were able to get 10 full hits before we decided to give the bowl a little stir. That’s when we discovered the herb was only half exhausted. So after stirring the herb, we screwed the bowl back together, adjusted the heat setting to around 5 and a half on the dial and started vaping again.

Vapor Tower
The Next Gen Vapor Tower from the Vapor Store.

After allowing the wand to heat up again for a few seconds, the vapor clouds started flowing once more and we were able to pull another 10 rips from the 0.5 grams of weed. It was at the twentieth hit in which we could taste that familiar flavor of exhausted herb, so we let the wand cool down and then cracked open the bowl for an inspection. When we opened the bowl, we found a lightly browned herb that was indeed all but drained of its essential oils.

We could have easily stopped after the first 5 or 6 tokes with a great buzz, but we needed to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop in order to give an honest review. And honestly, the Next Gen Vapor Tower is one amazing desktop whip-style vaporizer, folks.

Why The Vapor Tower Works So Well

We’re veterans of the cannabis product review field and have tried just about every whip-style desktop vaporizer on the market. And we can say without hesitation that the Next Gen Vapor Tower from the Vapor Store is by far the most efficient and effective vaporizers of its kind.

Vapor Tower
The Next Gen Vapor Tower from the Vapor Store.

And that’s not by accident either. It’s by design. Fortunately for those of us that like to vape our herb, the good folks over at the Vapor Store took it upon themselves to develop a box-style vaporizer that was modeled after the infamous Volcano, which uses a dual-screen system to suspend your herb vertically over the heat source. This system allows for a more substantial surface area for the upward flow of heat to pass through, which, in turn, maximizes your vaporizing experience.

Emulating this design feature is what made the Vapor Tower a much more efficient unit than most traditional box-style desktop vaporizers available on today’s market. And as owners of several of the aforementioned customary whip-style desktop vape units, we can honestly say that the Next Gen Vapor Tower out vapes them all without challenge.

More Amazing Features From The Vapor Tower

Aside from the extremely efficient dual-screen hand kit (vapor wand) made of custom-blown glass, the Vapor Tower is packed tight with other amazing features as well, such as:

  • Medical-grade silicone hand kit tubing with a custom-blown glass mouthpiece
  • Efficient upward heat flow via the powerful, user-replaceable, patent pending heater core that’s covered by an unprecedented Lifetime Warranty and heats up rapidly
  • Super-cool LED mood lighting that automatically changes colors while you vape
  • One custom stir tool
  • One set of replacement screens
  • A free magnetic acrylic grinder
  • Available in 5 attractive colors, which include: Black (the unit we reviewed), Cherry, Natural Redwood, Red Bamboo, or Medium Walnut

    Vapor Tower
    The different available colors for the Next Gen Vapor Tower from the Vapor Store.

The Vapor Tower Review Wrap Up

If you’re in need of an efficient way to extend the life of your stash without spending a lot of cash, then the Next Gen Vapor Tower from the Vapor Store is the unit for you. Because when it comes to maximized efficiency with plenty of power, you cannot go wrong with the Tower.

You can check out the Vapor Store’s complete line of vaporizers and accessories here.