Most of us that are in-the-know are fully aware of how the federal government’s policy regarding cannabis as a medicine is beyond ridiculous. But most people may feel helpless when it comes to getting the message to the masses.

Which is why it’s cool to have folks in high profile positions help the cause voice its opinions, like the talented actress and advocate for medical pot, Lucy Lawless.

In an interview with the good folks over at Culture Magazine, the actress/activist was asked to elaborate on a stern pro-medical pot assertion she made via the popular social media network, Twitter.

In reply, Lawless pointed out how she believes that “it’s twisted that we withhold available medications from somebody in pain—it’s disgusting.”

The outspoken Ash vs Evil Dead actress and proud mother of three children went on to argue that the people who prohibit a medicine for those that are suffering are the ones that are “sick.”

“Why wouldn’t you give it [cannabis] to them?” Lawless questioned. “How completely sick. We’re the ones who are sick—we’re sicker than they are.”

When it comes to the consumption of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes, Lawless says her opinions haven’t varied on the matter.

“I don’t think I knew that marijuana could be medical when I was growing up,” the former warrior princess explained. “My views of marijuana haven’t really changed . . . I know it does a lot less harm to society than alcohol.”

Lawless currently refrains from partaking, but she says she’s cool with those that choose to puff the magic dragon and admits she experimented with weed as a youngster.

“I certainly tried it as a kid, I do think we have to be really informed about the facts, but it doesn’t bother me if people smoke pot,” affirmed Lawless.

In terms of what she thinks about legalizing cannabis both in the country she calls home, New Zealand, and everywhere else around the globe, Lawless voiced her support for doing so with a witty analogy.

“They should legalize it so they know where it’s bloody coming from,” Lawless stated in the interview. She went on to say that “it being available hasn’t made me start smoking [cannabis] any more than legalized homosexual marriage has made me want to turn gay . . . I don’t know what they’re afraid of!”

When the plain-spoken actress was asked whether or not she would ever consider becoming more involved as a cannabis activist she replied by saying, “I doubt it, except to say I really wholeheartedly support [medical cannabis]. It’s medicine, man—nothing works like it, is what I’m hearing, so it’s very cruel and unusual to deny a palliative medicine from these [seriously ill] people.”

We couldn’t agree more. Rock on, Xena the Weed Princess! 😉

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Katy has a long history as a journalist for the cannabis industry. She has witnessed reform in the laws regarding cannabis that motivates her to continue fighting for the rights of all those that live in a state where it's still illegal. Katy prefers Sativa when she tokes. Some of her favorite strains are Pandora's Box and Blue Dream.