Are you someone that prefers to vaporize their cannabis and do so while on-the-go? If so, then the folks from Vaped Luxury Vaporizers have the perfect portable dry herb vaporizer to fit your vaping lifestyle, the Vaped FOB.


Finding A Portable Dry Herb Vape That Actually Vaporizes

If you’re anything like us, you’ve tried just about every portable dry herb vaporizer available on the market in hopes of finding the one that actually vaporizes your herbs as opposed to combusting them, but to only end up being disappointed with your purchase(s).

Not to mention the fact that most portable dry herb vaporizers are less than discreet in terms of their physical design, making it tougher to rip a few vape tokes while you’re out and about. Which, in our opinion, is one of the main reasons for having a portable dry herb vaporizer: to vape on-the-go without giving everyone a show.

vaped fob
Vaped FOB

The Undisputed King of Stealth Delivers Great Vapor Clouds Too

When it comes to stealthiness, the Vaped FOB is hands down the incontestable champ. The FOB is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and designed to look exactly like a regular vehicle key fob, which makes it one of the most, if not the most, covert vaporizers of its type.

Vaped FOB
Vaped FOB

And don’t be fooled by its size either, because this little vape is powerful enough to deliver delicious vapor clouds that would satisfy even the pickiest of vaporizer aficionados. The FOB has six (6) different heat settings to choose from starting at the lowest temperature of 360 degrees and maxing out at the highest setting of 420 degrees.

After a series of test runs, we found that is was best to start our vape sesh at the lowest setting of 360 degrees, which delivered around 10 tasty clouds of vapor. We then gave the herbs a quick stir, bumped up the temperature to the second setting of 370 degrees, and were able to rip another 6-7 flavor-packed vapor hits from the FOB.

Vaped FOB
Vaped FOB.

But our bowl wasn’t quite exhausted just yet, so we stirred the herbs once more and changed the heat to the third setting of 380 degrees to receive 3-4 more puffs before recognizing the familiar flavor of herbs that have been depleted of their essential oils. That’s a total of 20 vapor tokes or more from a mere 0.2 grams of herbs, which is the approximate amount the FOB’s stainless steel oven will hold without overfilling it.

And that may not sound like a lot of weight, however, when you consider the fact that we were buzzed enough to quit after the first 5-6 hits, it makes it seem like more than enough. In fact, someone with a low tolerance to THC could probably make one bowl last most of the day. Talk about efficient, right?

The FOB Vape from Vaped Luxury Vaporizers

The Vaped FOB’s Additional Features

  • Rapid heating time of approximately 30 seconds
  • Vaporize while the unit charges
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty card
  • Accessory pack including,  1- wall socket charger, 1- stainless steel stir-tool, 1- aluminum Vaped grinder card, 2- stainless steel replacement screens, 1- chrome mouthpiece, 1- plastic mouthpiece, and 1- cleaning brush

The Vaped FOB Review Wrap Up

If you’re in need of a portable dry herb vaporizer that produces amazing vapor clouds all while keeping your sesh on the down-low, then the Vaped FOB is the unit for you. Secretive and competent. Now that’s what we would consider being a win-win situation.

You can check out the Vaped FOB from Vaped Luxury Vaporizers and their complete line of products here.