In November 2015, Colorado voters approved a statewide ballot measure that would permit the state’s lawmakers to spend any surplus tax revenue generated via legal weed sales.

When the measure passed, the state had accumulated a sizeable amount of surplus cannabis taxes. Over $66 million, in fact, which the state chose to allocate $40 million of toward building news schools with another $12 million appointed to youth and substance-abuse programs.

The $14.1 that was left over went to elective accounts controlled by the state’s lawmakers.


Now, in 2016, Colorado’s lawmakers once again are faced with a huge pile of cash to spend in the form of surplus pot tax revenue, and they’re slated to start divvying up the funds in the next few months.

And it looks like the state’s school kids are going to be the main beneficiaries this year as well, with surplus funds currently hovering around the $66 million mark once more.

One of the programs that will benefit from this year’s round of surplus weed taxes will be a grant from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) that will fund a new bully prevention program.

Dr. Adam Collins, bullying prevention, and education grant coordinator for the CDE, says that he believes that Colorado is the “only state that is providing such significant funds to prevent bullying in schools.”


The CDE is making a total of 50 new grants available up to $40,000 per school per year to help fund individual bully prevention programs, which Dr. Collins says is “a lot of money.”

“It’s a great opportunity for schools to apply and make sure the social and emotional wellness of their students is taken care of,” said Dr. Collins.

And all thanks to legalizing weed for recreational and medical purposes.

Hmm, imagine that.

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