UFC Welterweight fighter, Nick Diaz, has never been shy about his love for cannabis. In fact, he was just recently released from an 18-month suspension that was issued via the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) after the fighter tested positive for pot following a pro bout.


But the consequences Diaz faced for testing positive for THC apparently wasn’t enough to keep him from continuing to show his admiration for weed because he recently posted a video to his Snapchat account of him smoking a huge joint with comedian Tommy Chong and Muay Thai kickboxer Joe Schilling. And it’s cool AF.

The short cellphone-shot video begins with the title screen: “Nick Diaz relaxes with friends and smokes a huge joint.”


The video shows the three pot aficionados hanging out around the pool at Tommy’s place (with Tommy’s dog too), just chillin’, puffin’, and passin’ a big old fatty.

We imagine Diaz was trying to puff away the thought of his recent troubles that could have cost him a 5-year suspension with a $165,000 fine, which was eventually reduced to an 18-month suspension and a fine of $100,000 following the fighter’s appeal.

Diaz’s suspension was officially lifted by the NSAC on August 1, 2016, and it looks like he plans on staying lifted until it’s time to clean-up for his next fight, right?

And we dig that.

Smoke on, Nick!

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