A group of former and current players in the National Football League has taken the initiative to fund a study that will examine the use of cannabis oil as an alternative to using opioids to manage pain.

As most of us are aware, opioid addiction is a widespread problem here in the United States and athletes are largely at risk due to the level of serious injuries that occur while playing hard-hitting sports such as professional football.

In fact, a study from 2011 discovered that former NFL athletes “who misused [opioid medications] during their NFL career were most likely to misuse currently compared to others.”

And according to retired NFL offensive tackle Kyle Turley, injuries that players endure during their career as an athlete tend to cause a lifetime of pain, which is typically managed via opioid use. “I need a new right hip, I need two right knees. I have got a plate and ten screws in my right ankle,“ Turley explained to CBS SF Bay Area News. “I am bone-on-bone in every joint.”

Chris Kluwe, a former punter for the NFL, says that playing in a professional football game is equivalent to “going through multiple car accidents over the course of, like, three-and-a-half hours.”

The study, funded by the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, a nonprofit organization chiefly comprised of former and current NFL athletes, and by Constance Therapeutics, a pot producer from East Bay, will run for a period of eight weeks.

During that time, the 30 athletes participating in the study will self-report their experience(s) with using cannabis oil as a form of pain management.

Turley claims he’s tried almost all of Big Pharma’s opioid medications in order to attempt to treat “nearly every injury and ailment you can possibly think of and none of them have reached the mark that cannabis has for me.”

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