Weed rapper extraordinaire, Snoop Dogg, wants to help folks in the Great White North get lifted through a business venture that involves expanding his newly-launched pot imperium to Canada.

It’s reported that Snoop is teaming up with the country’s largest producer of legal weed in order to make the expansion possible.

It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg loves his weed, and he proved that by recently launching his own brand of the good-good, Leafs by Snoop, last November in Colorado.


Snoop’s U.S. line of cannabis offerings includes eight different strains of buds and concentrates to choose from.

The marijuana rapper is working with his Canadian collaboration, Tweed, a company that sells a collection of cannabis paraphernalia, in order to develop a new line of strains to help meet certain needs of local medical pot patients.

Snoop Dogg’s Canadian strains will be sold under the brand name Canadian Leafs by Snoop and will include three options to start off with, Sunset, Ocean View, and Palm Tree CBD.

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