The cannabis industry is continuing to grow like a weed, which means there’s a bud-load of opportunities for those looking to start their own small, or large, pot-related business.

However, there may be a few of you that are dying to get your fingers sticky in the weed biz but don’t have an idea for a business or career in order to do so.

So we thought we would put together a list of suggestions for five marijuana-related businesses that might help inspire those drawn to work with the dank.

Weed-Related Business Opportunities

1. Delivery Service

Pot delivery service.

You can start your own weed delivery service. You’ll have to move to a state where cannabis is legal for either medical or recreational purposes, of course, but with five states bound to legalize the bud in November, we’re sure the demand for this service is going to increase exponentially.

2. Security Service

Weed Tab security service.

Put your life on the line for Mary Jane and start your own cannabis security firm. You’re the boss, so there are no worries about being tested for THC in order to keep your job, which means you can still enjoy weed while you protect those that sell and grow it. Protection is a growing concern in the weed industry because banks force dispensaries to deal in cash, which makes them, and the folks who grow the pot supply, vulnerable to criminals.

3. Tour Guide

Pot tour guide bus.

Yes, it’s a bit safer than protecting folks who sell legal pot and starting you own weed-related tour guide service is a viable way to make a living in the cannabis industry. Again, the more states that vote to legalize cannabis will merely increase the need for this type of service. And what a cool business to be in, right? Just think, you get to show people where all the best dispensaries are and educate tourists about your town’s history all while high. Nice.

4. Cannabis Critic

Weed & pipe.

We can’t think of a better job than reviewing strains of weed for a living, can you? You would literally be receiving money to smoke pot. That truly is our dream job. Not to mention the amazing fringe benefits that we could only imagine would come along with a ganja-smoking gig, right? I’m getting stoned just thinking about it. Some skills as a writer… A huge collection of smoking paraphernalia… Yeah, I could handle that.

5. Weed-Friendly Lodging

The Dabbin’ Cabin. Photo credit: Reddit/DabArt

We’ve yet to see a state that has legalized weed for any reason allow folks to toke the sticky stuff in public. Which means, there’s a huge need for places where people from out-of-town can lodge and puff without fear of prosecution. This business goes hand-in-hand with the cannabis-related tourism service because tourists need a place to stay. And if those same folks have a choice to lodge where they’re allowed to smoke their newly-purchased pot over somewhere they’re not, they’re most likely going to lodge with you. FYI: I’m going to trademark Lodge & Puff, so paws off, Snoop Dogg. 😉

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Neo has been writing for the cannabis industry since 2008 and is an active gardener with two sticky, green thumbs. He would love to see the prohibition of cannabis brought to a close, and is doing his best to make it a reality by staying involved on a grass roots level. When it comes to partaking in a puff or two of the sticky stuff, Neo is partial to just about anything Indica, especially OGs.