It’s that time of year once again when the dead walk among the living… Oh, wait, that happens like everyday at Walmart. However, the leaves are losing their pigment and starting to fall which means it’s almost time for one of the best holidaze of them all, Halloween.

And we can’t think of a better way to spend that scary day than toking on a few cannabis strains with spooky names.

So we thought we would lurk into our dungeon of dank and conjure up a list of ganja strains with ghostly names that are to die for on the most sinister of all nights.

Muah, ha, ha!

Cannabis Strains With Bone-Chilling Names

1. The Blood

The Blood cannabis strain. Photo credit: douglovesweed on Flickr

This strain with its spooky-ass name derives from the island of Hawaii and is said to be a rare landrace phenotype that packs a scary-strong Sativa punch.

2. Killing Fields

Killing Fields cannabis strain. Photo credit: shedoes2 on Tumblr

This strain’s flavor profile is said to have a nice balance of sugar and spice, but its name is less than appealing. Let’s face it, I think everyone knows what happens in the Killing Fields. You know, that place your granddaddy warned you about? Eerie.

3. Michael Meyers OG

Michael Meyers OG cannabis strain. Photo credit: dopelove on Tumblr

Oh, hell no! I’ve seen all the Halloween movies, man, and I know Michael Meyers is not someone you want to share a joint with. That is, unless, you want those puffs to be your last. Nope. We’re not smoking dope with that knife-packing psychopath. But the strain might be worth a toke or two, right?

4. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper cannabis strain. Photo credit: TGA Subcool Seeds

Here’s another fella that would have failed to make our wish list of infamous people to puff with. And for good reason: He’s a serial killer, yo! But leave it up to the twisted mind of Subcool from TGA Subcool Seeds to name one of his handcrafted strains after a scary-ass murderer or some godawful disaster. However, Sub’s hair-raising names for his strains are fitting because the dope TGA breeds is killer.

5. Purple Dog Shit

Purple Dog Shit cannabis strain. Photo credit: nothingbutweed on Flickr

What could be as terrifying as seeing a dog extrude a purple turd from his backside? Not much, in our book. Well, other than spending more than 15 minutes waiting in line at a Walmart. But don’t let the name of this strain scare you away from wrapping a paper around a turd (bud) or two and giving it a puff, puff, pass, because it’s said to be strong enough to knock you on your ass.

Hashy Halloween, errybuddy! We hope you spend the holidaze horrifyingly-high. As will we.

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