A recent report shows the amount of people that are arrested for the possession of small amounts of cannabis exceeded that of all violent crime arrests in 2015.

That information is staggering, to say the least.

But, when you consider the fact that the prison—industrial complex (PIC) has been cited as being one of the “fastest-growing industries” in the United States, it makes it somewhat easier to understand as to why so many people get sentenced to prison, or to a PIC, for merely possessing a bit of bud.

You have to keep those facilities filled to capacity in order to make a decent profit, right?

And what better way to keep the PICs pumping along than to have the cops occupy low-income neighborhoods where they can prey on minority groups in hopes of catching them with a small amount of weed, which is exactly how it’s done.


According to the report released on Wednesday, U.S. law enforcement agencies made approximately 675,000 arrests in 2015 for the possession of little amounts of pot that was planned for personal consumption.

And just how many arrests were made for all violent crimes in 2015, including severe assaults, rape, and even murder?  Just shy of 506,000, according to the report, which is right around 13.6 percent less than the total arrests for possessing personal amounts of pot.

Those statistics are not only shocking, they’re downright jaw dropping.

If this report isn’t a prime example as to why our laws regarding cannabis consumption are in need of serious reform, then I don’t know what is, folks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of the United States having notoriety as the country that has the highest imprisonment rate on the entire planet.

Be sure to Pot the Vote this November if you live in one of the states with a marijuana measure on the ballot because it’s way past time for a change.

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Katy has a long history as a journalist for the cannabis industry. She has witnessed reform in the laws regarding cannabis that motivates her to continue fighting for the rights of all those that live in a state where it's still illegal. Katy prefers Sativa when she tokes. Some of her favorite strains are Pandora's Box and Blue Dream.