We typically don’t need a reason to smoke pot. However, the choices we’ve ended up with for POTUS this time around have left us feeling the need to smoke tons of weed, especially on election day.

We’ve listed the four reasons Weed Tab’s throwing a what-the-hell-is-happening-to-American-politics pot party and puffing ourselves into oblivion with hopes that everyone pencils in the Bernster.

How about you?

Reasons To Smoke Your Brains Out On Election Day

1. Donald Trump Might Be Our Next President


Trump said he was for legalizing all drugs back in 1990, but he recently came out against the legalization of weed for adults. And that’s just one of a million reasons he would be a less than stellar POTUS.

2. Hillary Clinton Could Win The Election


In public, Clinton is in favor of some research of medical marijuana. But in private, she’s all for keeping it illegal as long as Big Pharma and the prison-industrial complex continues to line her pantsuit pockets with piles of cash. If she’s elected we’re going to feel the burn alright.

3. Mike Pence Might Be Our Next Vice President


Mike Pence loves weed! Not. As if a “President Trump” wouldn’t be bad enough, his running mate is just as bad if not worse. Just remember to “vote your conscience” when heading to the polls, folks.  

4. Tim Kaine Could Be Next In Line For POTUS If Clinton Wins


Enough said, right? This is the same guy that said “I’ve never been a legalization fan. I just haven’t been.” Next!

We can only hope that no matter who wins (It truly pains us to even think of election day. Oy.), that we have enough weed to keep ourselves high AF for the next four years. And that’s a lot of dope, friends.