If you’re anything like our staff here at Weed Tab, you’re less than excited about the top two candidates we’re stuck with in this presidential election cycle. And let’s face it, folks, I don’t think we’ve had it this bad since…well, since the last election cycle, right?


However, there is an alternative contender that just might be worthy of your vote. Especially if you’d like to back a party that was organized specifically to oppose drug prohibition in the United States.

I’m talking about the most pro-pot candidates this race has ever seen, the Legal Marijuana Now party’s presidential hopeful, Don R. Vacek, and his running mate, Mark Elworth Jr.

Legal Marijuana Now was established in St.Paul, Minnesota back in 1988. The pro-weed organization was first recognized as a legitimate political party in Minnesota when candidate Dan R. Vacek collected over 57,000 votes in the race for the state’s attorney general position in 2014.pro-pot-party-potus-2016wtmbanner

And as of February of this year, Legal Marijuana Now was recognized as a “minor political party” in the state, according to Ballotpedia. Which means, residents of Minnesota and Iowa will see the party’s candidates on their ballots for POTUS, and the two candidates can be written in anywhere else across the nation.

Unlike someone that thinks we need to “Make America Great Again,” the Legal Marijuana Now party’s campaign slogan speaks directly to those of us that adore cannabis: “Free The Weed & Free The People.”

And what’s the party’s agenda? Other than fighting to “Free the Weed”, of course. According to their website, they want to:

  • Legalize homegrown cannabis
  • Erase past marijuana convictions
  • Ban employment drug testing


Although the party’s policy may seem somewhat comical, they make a valid point in a mission statement posted on their website which clarifies as to why our nation’s policies regarding cannabis consumption are antiquated at best and are in need of serious reform.

Here’s an excerpt from the statement:

This is a war on people and it has created a human rights crisis. Like alcohol prohibition, drug prohibition must be repealed and replaced by regulation, education, and moderation. When we take that step, we take the first step toward healing our nation.


Pot the vote, people.

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Neo has been writing for the cannabis industry since 2008 and is an active gardener with two sticky, green thumbs. He would love to see the prohibition of cannabis brought to a close, and is doing his best to make it a reality by staying involved on a grass roots level. When it comes to partaking in a puff or two of the sticky stuff, Neo is partial to just about anything Indica, especially OGs.