I’m pretty sure that anyone that’s growing weed for their first time knows that it’s best to properly dry and cure your freshly harvested cannabis before partaking in a puff or two.

However, as a grower myself, I remember how hard it was trying to wait until my first crops were completely ripened before sampling a couple of small nugs. Turns out, I couldn’t wait.

And if you’re thinking of doing the same thing, then you’re going to need to know how to get those wet buds dry enough to smoke without causing too much damage to the glandular trichomes.

               How To Quick-Dry Wet Weed

1. The Microwave Technique

Cannabis decarboxylation

I know what you’re thinking, “You want me to put my precious weed in the microwave?” Yup. However, you’re going to do so on a low-temperature setting using quick 7-10 second cooking times.

1- Carefully break apart the wet bud (tip: the weed will dry more evenly when broken up before heating)

2- Place the desired amount of wet weed on a microwave-safe plate and cover with a dry paper towel (tip: covering with a dry paper towel helps absorb the moisture from the wet weed)

3- Set the microwave’s heat setting to 30-40% and set the cooking time for 7-10 seconds

4- Place the plate in the microwave and begin heating the wet weed until it’s dry enough to toke (tip: stir the weed in between cooking times to ensure even drying)

2. The Trusty Aluminum-Foil-On-Top-Of-A-Lamp Technique

Weed lamp

As with most of these methods we’re listing for quick-drying wet weed, this modus is somewhat primitive, but it works. Hey, you wanna get high, right? Ok then. Let’s bust up some wet bud and get started.

1- Cut a piece of aluminum foil that’s big enough to cover the top of a lampshade in your house that’s burning a CFL bulb that’s rated at 40 watts or lower (tip: any CFL bulb rated at above 40 watts will be too hot and will burn your pot)

2- Loosely place the foil on top of the lampshade in order to allow air to flow around the sides of the foil

3- Place your wet weed on top of the foil

4- Turn on the lamp and allow the bulb to heat the wet pot

5- Be sure to stir the weed around every 5-7 minutes while it’s heating to ensure that it dries evenly

6- Keep checking the moisture level of the weed until it’s dry enough to puff

*Note: Drying times will vary with this method depending on moisture levels and the amount you’re attempting to flash-dry.

3. The Silica Gel Desiccant Pack Technique

Silica gel

You know those little packets of crap you find in the pockets of new clothes? The silica gels desiccant packs that help regulate moisture levels?? Yeah, those things. Well, as it turns out, those little things are pretty good at drying out wet weed.

1- Acquire some gel packs (tip: some auto parts stores sell silica gel packets)

2- Place the gel packs inside a glass jar that has a tight-sealing lid (tip: the smaller the jar the better for less air space)

3- Place some broken up bud inside the jar with the gel packs and seal with the lid

4- Check the moisture level periodically (every few hours) until the bud is dry enough to puff

*Note: Silica gel packs become puffy and swollen when they’re full of moisture and no longer usable.

4. The On-Top-Of-A-T5-Grow-Light Technique

T-5 light

I use this very method to speed up the drying process of my sugar trim so I can harvest its kief for dabbing purposes. And it works just as well for flash-drying wet bud too. It’s basically the same method as the aluminum foil over a lampshade technique but using the top of a T-5 grow light fixture as your heating element instead of the top of a lamp.

1- Cut a piece of aluminum foil big enough to hold your wet weed

2- Place the foil on top of your T-5 fixture

3- Place the wet pot on top of the foil

4- Stir the weed periodically to ensure even drying until it’s dry enough to puff

*Note: The drying time will vary, but it usually takes at least 3-4 hours before the weed is ready to use.

5. The Leave-It-Out-Overnight Technique

An image of a bud of the cannabis strain Strawberry Cough.

This method is a simple as it sounds. I know you want to puff your newly-grown stuff today, but if you’ve waited approximately 4 months just to get to this point, what’s one more night before you toke on your nasty, uncured weed, right?

1- Place some busted up wet nugs on a paper plate or regular dish (tip: using a paper plate will help absorb some of the moisture from the wet weed)

2- Place the plate somewhere with nice air flow, like your coffee table

3- Go to sleep, if possible

4- Wake up

5- Smoke your weed if it’s dry enough to puff

Please note that most or all of these methods will not offer you the same pleasant smoking experience that properly dried and cured weed would provide.

So be prepared for some pretty nasty smoke that will most likely burn your throat due to the heavy presence of chlorophyll.

Bonus Tip: Using a dry herb vaporizer is the best way to enjoy your quick-dried weed due to the fact that it will melt the essential oils away from the nasty, green plant material that causes throat irritation.

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Neo has been writing for the cannabis industry since 2008 and is an active gardener with two sticky, green thumbs. He would love to see the prohibition of cannabis brought to a close, and is doing his best to make it a reality by staying involved on a grass roots level. When it comes to partaking in a puff or two of the sticky stuff, Neo is partial to just about anything Indica, especially OGs.