A new study shows that the marijuana laws in Colorado are directly responsible for helping boost the state’s economic growth.

According to researchers with the Marijuana Policy Group, Colorado marijuana legalization has made a $2.3+ billion impact on the economy and has created over 18,000 full-time-equivalent jobs in the state in 2015.

The Marijuana Policy Group used what they refer to as the “Marijuana Impact Model” in order to gauge what type of influence changing state marijuana laws would have on the economy.


Said model was designed to “accurately” merge the “legal marijuana industry into Colorado’s overall economy,” according to the study’s synopsis.

The fact that “spending on marijuana creates more output and employment per dollar spent than 90 percent of Colorado industries,” has to be one of the study’s most interesting findings.

And if you’re looking to start a business in the Colorado marijuana industry you’d better move fast, because the study projects that the demand for legal marijuana in the state will “grow by 11.3 percent per year through 2020” and the “regulated market in Colorado will become saturated” by the same year.

So, for those 2,800+ people per month (96 average per day) that are crawling out from under your rocks to conduct a search engine query for “Is marijuana legal in Colorado?” the answer is “YES!” and the marijuana laws in Colorado are growing the state’s economy like a weed.

Now they can get back under their rocks.

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